About us

Ruigos brand was born from the creativity of his founder, a young talented artist when he arrived to the US. Since he was a kid, he loved making bracelets and working with his hands. He couldn't go out without somebody stopping him on the street and asking where he bought his bracelets. He was always ending giving everything he was wearing away for free until one day he met a woman who didn't want to take them for free and instead said "You have a gift, don't give it away for free but make it the scope of your life". Hence, she ordered the first ten bracelets and since then she hasn't stop buying from Ruigos.

During the years Ruigos has perfectioned his craftsmanship and mastered the color assembling technique. His work encompasses a large variety of designs, from the simple cords to selected bead woven bracelets. Ruigos personally designs all the collections, researches and chooses the materials and supervises the whole production. The high quality of his products and the unique design make Ruigos stand from the other brands.